Many thanks: Yoga Teacher Amabile Dyer, “Yoga w/ a View” (outdoor yoga on a mountain) Prema Yoga, to Myra Lambino & “Yoga w/ a View” friends

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      (on mobile device, to hear the song picked for this post, pls scroll down to the soundcloud pod, click “Listen in browser”, then click the play button. Happy reading, viewing,  and listening!)

       Many thanks to Yoga Teacher Amabile Dyer of “Yoga w/ a View” practice (outdoor yoga on a mountain) of Prema Yoga at:

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to Myra Lambino for bringing me to her Prema Yoga class, 

and to “Yoga w/ a View” friends at today’s flow yoga class (Saturday morning on a mountain). 

all photos i-Phone shot about ten hours ago. Group photo above shot by Myra Lambino. Yoga teacher Amabile Dyer is in black-and-white yoga top. The first photo (Myra in a tree pose on a cliff) was shot by our new-found friends of the “Yoga with a View” class… 

All posters and graphics of Prema Yoga rightclicked…

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