#ResortsWorldManila Shooting & Torching case & the clearheaded eyewitness who solved the case

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The #ResortsWorldManila Shooting and Torching case and the clearheaded eyewitness who solved the case

       With the help of the taxi cab driver of the white Avanza taxi cab that the perpetrator had boarded, the PNP as early as 2am today had been able to locate the house of the gunman (see PNP press briefing this afternoon), was able to telephone the wife, and to get a confirmation of gunman’s identity: former tax specialist Department of Finance staff Jessie Javier Carlos, heavily indebted gambling addict , turned casino-torcher.

     The PNP early morning held off release of the identity pending more confirmation from the family; and then released the hotel CCTV at about 12:00 noon today. At about 5:45 pm, the parents of Jessie Javier Carlos came forward today to identify their son as the Resorts World Manila torcher, about five hours after the PNP released the…

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