Identifying d #ResortsWorldAttack gunman: Security protocols #ResortsWorldManila

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Identifying the  Resorts World Attack gunman: Security protocols at Resorts World Manila

    We were being greeted by barong-clad security units every ten or twenty meters because of 15-year-old A _ _ _, nephew: “Ma’am masyado pa ho syang bata” (Ma’am, he’s too young to be here). Yah we know, we were informed at the entrance of the casino.
In other words, aside from the usual metal detectors, canine units, CCTVs, inspections, etc.,  there are security units every 10 or 20 meters in the hotel facility from the casino to the mall – it is very densely secured. And we appreciate that they are vigilant about the moral security of its patrons – Would that they were equally vigilant about the physical security of all.

     According to PNP Supt. Oscar Albayalde, when the security guard saw the gunman, she ran away and everybody scampered.  …

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