Breaking: 25 killed from #ResortsWorldManila attack, fire & smoke suffocation: Establish identity of gunman

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Breaking: 25 killed from Resorts World Manila attack, fire & smoke suffocation

Before publicly concluding in a series of press conferences, media briefings, minute-to-minute interviews that the motive was “robbery”, that terrorism is ruled out (“rolled out” as ABS-CBN News Channel transcribed his sound bytes in graphics, based on pronunciation),  PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa should perhaps use good old-fashioned police work to establish the identity of the Resorts World Manila gunman.

      The acts and the identity/ profile / background would conclusively establish the motive — whether it is “robbery” with terrorism rolled out (ruled out).

       PNP Chief Bato de la Rosa simply brushes away these questions by saying that the gunman burned himself to a crisp so his identity could no longer be established.

    Hindi po. (No, Sir).

     Iniwan po nya ang kanyang kotse. (He left…

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