For #UPDiliman students spreading rumors children being burned alive in Marawi: GET FIRSTHAND SOURCES, VERIFY!

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For University of the Philippines students spreading rumors on Twitter and Facebook (by re-tweeting/ sharing/ re-posting) that children are being burned alive in Marawi: GET FIRST-HAND SOURCES BEFORE RE-TWEETING/ SHARING/ RE-POSTING UNVERIFIED TALK/ OR RUMORS. Get the name of the source: Did he/ she see the children being burned alive? If not, who saw it? Are you able to find out who saw it? If you are able to get the firsthand source, get the following: Where did it happen (house/ street, barangay, and sitio), names of children burned alive or names of their parents, names or description of perpetrators, how many, what time, etc.

   If you keep spreading wild, unverified rumors in the social media that sow panic , or that tend to justify military violence from either side, without verifying: BABAWIIN NAMIN ANG GRADES NA BINIGAY SA INYO– PARANG WALA KAYONG NATUTUNAN SA KOLEHIYO. 

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