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Breaking News as of 10:00 pm Tuesday March 23, first posted here at 11:36pm March 23: DUTERTE HAS DECLARED MARTIAL LAW IN THE WHOLE ISLAND OF MINDANAO (southern Philippines) FOR 60 DAYS. – from ABS-CBN News, quoting the presidential spokesperson Ernie Abella 

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   are you awake…? is anyone there awake? (nag-toothbrush lang ako, pagbalik ko, martial law na… i was checking papers while drinking iced milk tea with lots of caffeine and sugar… then took a break to brush my teeth, when i got back, martial law had been declared… is this how martial law should be declared? He called up presidential spokesperson Ernie Abella and told him he had declared martial law as of 10 pm March 23 Manila time. Hindi man lang isinulat at pinadala electronically sa magbabasa…  At least si Marcos sinulat nya bago binasaandyan si

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