#RodLen #DigoLen #DigLen Breaking: #Du30 invited #VPLeni & family to dinner at a huddle during PNPA rites

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Rod♥Len Digo♥Len Dig♥Len   #RodLen #DigoLen #DigLen

Breaking: President Duterte invited VP Leni & family to dinner at a huddle during PNPA rites

Breaking News: From Jessica Soho, State of the Nation GMA News 7: According to confidential sources of GMA News 7, President Duterte invited Vice President Leni Robredo and her family to have dinner with him and his family, to be scheduled by Bong Go with VP Robredo’s staff, during a huddle  at the Philippine National Police Academy graduation rites today.

      Before the start of his speech, President Duterte shook hands with VP Leni onstage and lightly bantered with her. Based on news videos: DILG Secretary Sueño  approached the two and gestured at VP Leni to sit a chair apart away from the President, but President Duterte gestured that VP Leni should sit beside him ♥ ♥ ♥ . He then summoned Bong Go and…

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