#atm #UPDiliman Month #Salaysayan ng Sansinukob: Narratives, Conversations

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At the moment,

android-shot two hours ago

after a run

art installation on UP CMC Hill (otherwise called “hacienda” by mass comm denizens) 

Conversations with Artistic Director Anril two weeks ago 

 Anril handing out flyers to a group of faculty:

Anril: You’re all invited … there are art installations… there’s also one on CMC Hill…

Famous mathematician/ scientist: Ah yung mga banderitas duon…? (Oh, those buntings…?) 


Anril (laughs): Hindi banderitas ang mga iyon (Those aren’t buntings)

Lawyer to mathematician: Hindi ka kasi ar-teest (you’re not artsy)

Physicist to Anril: Eh ano yung mga yon (So what are those?)

Famous mathematician/scientist: Ah, di ba mga kites yun? (oh… aren’t  those kites?)

Anril: Hindi kites yon (those are not kites) 

Physicist: So what are those?

Anril: Mga intestines

Lawyer: Intestines? Bakeet? (Hu-Why??)

Anril: There’s a folk lore on the origin of the universe among one indigenous community: that the…

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