#UPDiliman community express support & “likes” over the reappointment of Chancellor Michael Tan to a new term

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       Thousands of University of the Philippines Diliman faculty, students, and administrative staffmembers expressed their  “likes”, “thumbs up”  in Twitter and FB  updilimanchancellor

over  the reappointment of UP Diliman Chancellor Michael  Tanto a new three-year term yesterday.

        “Chancy” to most students, his term was marked by consultative processes and support for the struggles of UP workers, students, faculty, indigenous communities, chancellor-breakfastwlumadsurban poor, and other marginalized sectors of society.

     In a statement after the announcement of  his reappointment, the  Chancellor thanked his “supporters, who come from all sectors and affiliations 1collegian

and who demonstrated, during the search process, the power of unity and of holding the high moral ground.” 1-1chancellor

He added that UP Diliman “will accelerate meaningful change while continuing to emphasize consultative processes and careful, chansywbai even if slow, deliberation in the service of UP and of the nation.”

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