Sunday Beauty Queen, a docu, is Best Movie of the Year. #NowPlaying Bukas (Tomorrow) by Tampipi

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For the first time,

    a documentary won Best Picture of the Year: “Sunday Beauty Queen” by Baby Ruth Villarama follows the day-to-day life of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Hong Kong — which culminates in their Sundays turning dreary into dreams come true.

    No special effects here, no CGIs, no gifs, no script even, not even actors — just good old-fashioned life being lived away from family and loved ones, washing dishes, cleaning house, and taking care of other people’s children.

   Here’s how the cast credits look like: 

   Rudelie Acosta  … as Herself

  Cherrie Bretana … as Herself

   Chuck Gutierrez    producer

   Mylyn Jacobo    …       as Herself

    Hazel Perdido   …  as Herself          Leo Selomenia  … as Himself

     Jack Soo   …  as Himself

     Maybe “cast” would be a misnomer for a documentary: “Cast” is defined by…

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