Casting choice, costume & production design make the statement: #RogueOne speaks to our times (it’s ok to read, no spoilers)

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The casting choice, costume and  production design make the statement:             Rogue One speaks to our times

     (it’s okay to read this,  no spoilers here) 


Generally, the plot is simple and almost formulaic — The visuals and the choices made by the filmmaker however make the statement:

      Fighters of an “extremist” faction of the Rebel Alliance who open the attack on the Galactic imperial army are garbed in traditional Arabic clothing, in black, opening fire in a confined area with traditional architectural design that looks like a marketplace in Baghdad…In fact the war zone Planet Jedha was shot in Jordan. “(M)any of the scenes set on this desert moon are known to have been recorded in Jordan. The walled city is densely populated with buildings topped with shimmering golden domes, echoing the architectural language of…

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