#RogueOne (the backstory of #StarWars) For all who had to stand up against an unjust regime: Quotes!

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For   all   who   had   to   stand up  against an unjust  regime:

Quotes  from  Rogue One

(the backstory of Star Wars

“A New Hope”)

(Just   to   understand this scene, here’s a brief   description, I removed spoilers, don’t worry, this is very general)

     From starwars.wikia:

       Orson Krennic is the Director of the Advanced Weapons Research Division of the Galactic Empire. Circumstances brought him and brilliant engineer-physicist Galen Erso together, and they became colleagues and friends.  “Galen Erso is one of the Core’s most renowned polymaths. A theoretician, a mathematician, an engineer and experimental physicist. At present he is the preeminent authority on crystals and their use in supplying enhanced power…” Galen Erso pioneered in the design of weapons including what later became known as the Jedi lightsaber. 

Lines, lines:

Engineer-physicist Galen Erso:


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