Uncool: #Du30 ejecting #VPLeni by text likened to Taylor Swift being dumped by juvenile teener Joe Jonas by 27-sec. phonecall

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Na-Taylor Swift sya” is how some netizens compared  President Duterte’s unceremonious exclusion of Vice President and Housing Secretary Leni Robredo from all Cabinet Meetings through a text message sent by Cabinet Secretary Jun Evasco to the VP based on presidential assistant Bong Go’s message based on the President’s instructions.  

    “Na-Taylor-Swift sya” refers to when, in 2008, then juvenile teener boy band member Joe Jonas broke up with then teenage superstar Taylor Swift via 27-second phone call (the singer-songwriter checked the time log in her phone because, according to her, it was a record-breaker of sorts).

    Now playing: a Christmas song written and performed by Taylor Swift,  released in 2009 (this is a cover)


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