#universityofthephilippines Student Regent’s Statement on the New #UPPrexy

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#universityofthephilippines STUDENT REGENT’S STATEMENT ON THE NEW #UPPrexy  

“Today, the UP Board of Regents elected the next President of the university. As the sole representative of the students in the highest policy-making body of the university, it is imperative that the Student Regent always strive to fight for the interests of the students and the people.
“To ensure that the voice of the students be heard, we crafted the Student Agenda during island-wide congresses as our platform for the next administration. It is grounded on our fundamental right to education.
“We forwarded this agenda to the nominees. Through further assessment and deliberation we have opted to vote for UP Law Dean Danilo Concepcion as our next UP President, on the grounds that he, among all the other nominees, gave the most positive commitments toward our Student…

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