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As instructed by the WordPress Discovery Challenge on the theme “Song” in multimedia-heavy format:

     Here is a gif (graphics interchange format,) doctorstrange

as background and header, here, where about 23 images were by animated by Marvel Studios (used here non-commercially for academic purposes) to form an auto-play loop of a scene in motion: i hedged in superimposing any text on the gif, because the gif makes it dizzying to read the text, i’m just happy with my gif and song, i’m all form and no substance and i don’t want you to read this, because i speak bleak, so don’t read it na lang. (if you’re going to read, that’s your decision, i don’t recommend it)

This gif  illustrates the theory that space and time can be folded up.                   

     When i said the other day (Conversations with a…

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