Mommy likes Michael Bublé [picked for Mommy (Lydia Celino) but u can share]

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Mommy likes Michael Bublé [picked, listened to, & listed for Mommy (Lydia Celino) but u can share]

       Mommy likes Michael Bublé.

     Here’s a compilation of twelve songs  — all vocals, vocal tempo, and vocal style by Michael Bublé… except:

    The second song is a cover of a Michael Bublé cover (cover means it’s not him; you could tell… how?) —

      …while compiling this, i seem to notice  a teeny-weeny hardly noticeable lisp in the live performances of the cutie crooner (hahaha, cutie talaga) — it’s hardly noticeable; so i googled it to make sure i’m not  hearing things. Here it is: he had an injury during a live performance in Australia (2014) but went on with the live performance: here’s the interview:

   MTV Celebrity interviewer Maya: You proved your dedication recently. You were on your Australian Tour and you actually lost a tooth. The show…

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