#Davao #DavaoStrong #PrayforDavao Commander-in-Chief Powers & Emergency Powers, Re-post

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(This artwork of the Philippine eagle is from an original by Jeffrey Duhaylungsod and Donnie Ray Lopez, both Davaoeños, published by and rightclicked from davaocitybattad.blogspot; i just put the graphics #DavaoStrong with apologies, used here non-commercially for academic purposes)

Here’s a re-post from three years ago, Sept. 20, 2013, at: https://marichulambino.com/2013/09/20/commander-in-chief-powers-emergency-powers-zamboanga-standoff/    distinguishing the Commander-in-chief powers and emergency powers (President Duterte is now exercising his basic Commander-in-chief powers)
From Sept. 20, 2013: 

“Commander-in-chief powers & emergency powers: Zamboanga standoff
      “The President (PNoy, on Sept. 20, 2013) has been actively exercising his commander-in-chief powers by directly supervising the operations to end the Zamboanga standoff.
      “Last week, we had a post here on the commander-in-chief powers of the President: In particular: 1)the so-called “calling-out” power or the power to call out the armed forces to quell any rebellion, invasion, lawless violence.

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