“Ph to go rogue internationally” “Ph to go rogue nation” #PresidentDuterte #Du30 #Duterte #ejk #UN

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“Ph to go rogue internationally” “Ph to fight UN as rogue nation”


         The broadsheets missed a more accurate and contextualized headline for President Duterte’s graveyard shift venting during a  media briefing Sunday 1:00am: “Maybe we’ll just have to decide to separate from the United Nations. If you are that rude, son of a ♠∉∗ϖ∇, then we’ll just leave you”. -Duterte

     Philippines to go rogue, all Filipinos to wear a pompadour hairstyle — that’s how to write a headline : you missed it.

    The 1:00am media briefings are always exciting.

    Not to worry. An international investigation leading to criminal indictment internationally will probably take four years. What President Duterte should look into is the Rome Statute creating the International Criminal Court which the Philippines ratified in 2011.

        Can the UN rapporteur gather enough evidence to…

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