A movie about overthrowing an evil empire #RogueOne #StarWars more film clips here “This is a rebellion isn’t it –“

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A movie about

 overthrowing an evil regime,


fighting against the odds

with all you’ve got:

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

(film clip at the foot of these lines, please click):

Commanding officer: “State your name for the record please”  

           “Jyn Erso” 

(Reads prior charges) “Forgery of imperial documents…

      possession of stolen property…

            aggravated assault…  

                         resisting arrest…” 

Mon Mothma:  “On your own from the age of fifteen.



                     And  undisciplined.” 

Jyn Erso (looks at Mon Mothma): ….

                 “This   is  a rebellion,


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