@inquirerdotnet Copy of the 1992 Alunan-Marcos Agreement on the Marcos Burial here #LNMB #PresidentDuterte

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       The universally accepted legal method in legal research is to shepardize a pertinent law/ rule/ case in order to find out its present status, that is, to locate all pertinent revisions, amendments, implementation of  that law (or for cases:  to locate all appeals and precedents,  from most recent to oldest). 

     With credits to the very resourceful journalist Raissa Robles based on whose previous research the document below was rightclicked from (the 1992 Alunan-Marcos Agreement on the Marcos burial), and with credits to the Inquirer  banner-headline story today, embedded below the story is the jpeg copy of the agreement between the Ramos government, represented by then DILG Secretary Rafael Alunan and Imelda Marcos (i watermarked the photo with Raissa Robles’s name to credit the source, if you want the original without the watermark, kindly ask a copy from her with credits). 

      This is without conceding that the conditions…

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