#SONA2016 Unplugged, by Brillante Mendoza #Du30SONA 2016

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(because i twitted the static shots of the inaugural last June 30, the cramped Malacañang Hall and its kurtina (curtain) production design, i probably should jot a few notes about the visuals of the SONA, not that i have any right to say any of these)
      Brillante Mendoza’s television direction of the SONA was unusual. It photographically invaded the visual personal space of the President, capturing him in angles never seen before, not all of which are flattering. All of us have a “best angle” with our faces: your right side or your left side, or with chin pulled down eyes looking directly at the camera, etc. etc; for most, it’s the three-fourths turn of the right side or left side of your face.
       Being photographed from the bottom will make you look taller and therefore more authoritative but if it’s a medium shot…

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