Weekly Photo Challenge: The World through Your Eyes

This is my second post for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: The World through Your Eyes. (my first entry is in marichu’s blog at: http://marichulambino.com/2013/06/22/weekly-photo-challenge-the-world-through-your-eyes/

 This time, I’m less rushed and more deliberate. I read through the post of WordPress guest writer-photographer Ming Thein curated for the “Photography 101” series by Cheri Lucas Rowlands and found it very instructive and easy to understand for non-photographers like myself. (i attended a photography workshop once and there was too much concern about ISO, aperture, white balance, which are all necessary — but a discussion of the images themselves, or the content, and elements like light, framing, etc., like the article of Ming Thein, helped more in raising intuitive awareness of what makes a good photo.)
I chose this photo, patterning it after Ming Thein’s Vienna fog (a small solitary figure seemingly lost in the haze but the framing draws one eye to it)…. We don’t have fog in the Philippines but in this photo, coming home from the sea, a lone man … well, see for yourself…


Photo by Myra Lambino, shot in Tondol, Anda, Pangasinan, north of Manila, Philippines

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