Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

      WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry          

Photo by Myra Lambino: L.A. Disney Concert Hall

“I do not know my own position.

  Somewhere behind me is a structure

  of masks and walls that have been my life

  in plays with lives. Each four-cornered


  unknown to me and unknowing of each other

  contains me, knowing all, known

  to all, and yet unknown. I have come

  to a room of mirrors and am caught


  by my selves. It is different

  for i escape before and behind,

  left and right of me, a stage without


    the  curtains and yet with them,

    stage being stage, a pattern of deception.

    I do not know my own position.”                                         

                                     – Emmanuel Lacaba  (Eman Lacaba)

                                        Filipino guerilla-poet

                                        killed in battle March 18, 1976

                                        one of his early poems: Il Principe                                   

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