“ ‘Frankenstorm’: Worse than sum of its parts” by Seth Borenstein  | Associated Press 

“This storm is so dangerous and so unusual because it is coming at the tail end of hurricane season and beginning of winter storm season, “so it’s kind of taking something from both — part hurricane, part nor’easter, all trouble,” Jeff Masters, director of the private service Weather Underground, said Saturday.


“It is what NOAA forecaster Jim Cisco meant Thursday when he called it “Frankenstorm” in a forecast, an allusion to Mary Shelley’s gothic creature of synthesized elements.

“Cisco and others have called this storm unprecedented. Uccellini, who has written histories about winter storms, said the closest analogs are the 1991 Perfect Storm that struck northern New England and a November 1950 storm. But this is likely to be stronger and bigger than the Perfect Storm; it will strike farther south, and affect far more people….”


“The Perfect Storm” (2000 film)

Todd Gross, TV Meteorologist: Look, look at this. We got Hurricane Grace moving north off the Atlantic seaboard. Huge… getting massive. Two, this low south of Sable Island, ready to explode. Look at this. Three, a fresh cold front swooping down from Canada. But it’s caught a ride on the jet stream… and is motoring hell-bent towards the Atlantic. What if Hurricane Grace runs smack into it? Add to the scenario this baby off Sable Island, scrounging for energy. She’ll start feeding off both the Canadian cold front… and Hurricane Grace. You could be a meteorologist all your life… and never see something like this. It would be a disaster of epic proportions. It would be… the perfect storm.


Melissa Brown: This weather fax just came in. Edie, have a look at this.

Edie Bailey: We have got to head in now! Put in at Watch Hill!

Alexander McAnally III: In this stuff, harbor’s too dangerous.

Melissa Brown: Dangerous?

Alexander McAnally III: Dash into shore, cut across shipping lanes…

Edie Bailey: This is a hurricane coming straight at us!

Melissa Brown: Let me reduce sails, Sandy, or even go back home.

Alexander McAnally III: This is my boat. We’re gonna ride this thing out, not for fun, for safety. Do what I’ve always done: go with the flow.

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