Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

   “For the son is brought with the father;

In the foremost ranks of the fierce assault they fell;

Two veterans, son and father, dropt together,

   And the double grave awaits them.


 “Now nearer blow the bugles,

And the drums strike more convulsive;

And the day-light o’er the pavement quite has faded,

   And the strong dead-march enwraps me.


” In the eastern sky up-buoying,

The sorrowful vast phantom moves illumin’d;

(’Tis some mother’s large, transparent face,

   In heaven brighter growing.)


  ” O strong dead-march, you please me!

O moon immense, with your silvery face you soothe me!

O my soldiers twain! O my veterans, passing to burial!

   What I have I also give you.


                                 -Walt Whitman

xxx    xxx     xxx

This is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Big 

by WordPress. Photo shot by Myra Lambino with the kids one balmy morning at the Mt. Soledad Veterans Memorial Park, La Jolla, San Diego, California. 


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