Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

                            Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

                                                 Everyday with JayJay watches the dough grow, while we watch him grow everyday.

(photo by Myra Lambino)

xxx      xxx     xxx

Explanation of the theme: From Cheri Lucas of WordPress: “Everyday Life. This challenge is all about people and the things they do every day: working, eating, drinking, chatting, dreaming, walking, exercising, or any of those things we do all the time without really thinking about it xxx”

Explanation of technique: Tip from WordPress guest host Jon Sanwell (“an English language teacher with a camera. Originally from Tunbridge Wells in the UK, he is now living in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) in Vietnam”)  : “xxx  I love taking close head-and-shoulders portraits, but they don’t necessarily show everyday life, xxx (but) (a)   wider angle, from up close, shows us something about what the subject is doing, and puts the viewer right into the frame.”

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