is it…..

When people hear the  chorus for the first time, they think, “is that…Sting…? ”

It does  sound like him in his The Police days, though the singer is tired of being compared to Sting daw, although in another breath, he diplomatically says it is flattering. (“ “There was a dude who interviewed me in L.A. who kept saying, like, “You have so many influences, you sound like so many things …The Police …” I’d say DJ Shadow ‘s been a huge influence, same with the Avalanches in terms of sample-based composition. Godley & Creme, their ’80s work I really love as far as off-center, intelligent eyebrow-pop that’s really interestingly produced. I think I hear more of that coming out of my songwriting than Sting. It’s flattering to be compared to those guys, but when you hear it again and again you’re like, ‘Come on. I’m just a guy singing with a high tenor. It’s such an obvious comparison, I’m sure you can think of something else.’  “  . xxx  “The 31-year-old also finds constant comparison to Sting a double-edged sword.  “I’m self-conscious because Sting seems like a whipping post for all hipsters,” he told us. “Still, it’s flattering because he has written some incredible songs. He’s a fantastic vocalist.” “ CNN blog

   Well… then,  don’t copy Sting’s and The Police ’s  arrangement.   

           Listen to it:  even the instrumentals sound like  “King of Pain” (an original Sting- The Police song which many ignoramuses think is an Alanis-Morissette-do,  it’s her  remake, dumdum),  combined with the percussion and strings in  Sting’s-The Police’s “Wrapped around Your Finger” etc..

It’s a quaint, nifty song, though, and fun to listen to. He should just be grateful  with the comparison, being likened to a rock icon who’s had  three decades of  smashing, stunning hits —  Sting and The Police defined an entire generation.

– From Sting Diehards Forever – Philippine Chapter (ngek)



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