How to detect the “energy vampire”

The “energy vampire” (in quotes because it is used here not in the supernatural sense but in the observable, perceptible sense) feels it is your duty to serve it even if it is not any of your legal, professional, moral duty to cater to it. This is observable behavior: Take a look: when you avoid it, and it doesn’t see you even when you’re there the whole time doing your work conscientiously, (the “energy vampire”  doesn’t see you because you make sure it doesn’t), it lets out a “put-down” comment directed at you when it sees you, like: why doesn’t it see you anymore. Exhibit A. See? It cannot function without feeding off certain people’s energy. Of course it doesn’t see you even when you’re there, you made sure. Health post: advice on how to detect the “energy vampire” (those who feed off you): One: Those who are always trying to suck off  ideas/ arguments/ data, from you instead of using simple search methods like…. Google! They just accost you with research questions while you’re walking. Two: Those who feel it is your duty to serve them even if you have no legal, moral, professional function and training to be an all-around entertainer, therapist, personal assistant, babysitter/ caregiver. Three: Those who impose on you beyond your professional duties. Four: Those who have nothing but “put-down” comments —  even  compliments coming from them are veiled insults.

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