Urdhva (sanskrit for upside down) padma (lotus) asana (pose)

this photo doesn’t meet up with standards (it’s blurry,

poorly lit), we try not to post blurry photos in the

main blog, so it’s here just to show you how many

shots and execution we make before viewing the

thumbnails and big-sized ones then choosing what to

publish. This pose had more than half a dozen shots,

and we chose only one to post. i’ll be posting here

photos we didn’t use post just to give you an idea how

tedious this process. so you could see the ones

rejected, and compare, and see the amount of work

involved — and to show those mindless people who

tweet anything they want to tweet, carelessly, that

those who care about their viewers put some amount

of work before they post anything in the main blog,

even if it’s entitled “playground” and even if it’s just a

photo,  and also even in the “minor” blog even if it now

has only a few readers because i update it only every

eclipse… or   meteor shower (there must have been a

meteor shower sometime this week) ,  or cyclone.

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