WordPress has been confusing marichu’s blog with mine

The previous entry (on trying to upload in YouTube) was posted in marichu’s blog, i posted it there, but when i got back to the dashboard to put the category and tag of the post, there were no categories (marichu has, like, nine categories in her blog). So i kept clicking the box (in earlier posts, i already told you here that the left side of our brain is resting when i’m taking over her blog so many of the entries in her blog were my creation)….and thought i must have fouled up sumthin’ and lost everything, all the categories, then when i went to the site, it was my site, not hers. WordPress suddenly switched sites even when i had entered her user name and password, and not my name and password. it’s done that several times in the past; there was one point before when i couldn’t get back her blog and that gave me a scare, until i used a different server (Explorer to Firefox) and was able to access her blog without WordPress reverting to my blog; so, i used Firefox here.

It gets confused even when the two have different user names and different passwords, and are two different blogs. Why? I figure, because the entries have been emanating from the same computer, WordPress, a machine, or to be more precise, a software, presumes it’s the same person. I guess it has statistics on use to make it presume that it’s the same person.

Of course, it’s the same person! Yes, WordPress, we are the same person, but we have two blogs. Yeah, in a way, WordPress, you’re more intelligent than most people, because you see through us very straightforwardly; it’s the same person; but you’re spoiling our fiction. It’s two blogs, one person, two “voices”, one person referring to “itself” in the third person in this blog, because one is a creation of the other, as to whom is a creation of the other is probably left for debate, i certainly won’t concede i’m her creation, maybe it’s the other way around; maybe i created her, the lawyer-person, has it ever occurred to you that i’m the real person and she is the fiction and not the other way around?

i came first.

we’re not halves. don’t you get it?

(those who are mediocre shouldn’t be reading this “underground” blog, it’s labyrinthine compared to marichu’s open cut-and-dry blog; gosh, did i say that again, sorry, sorry,  who’s going to correct me when i’m in this disagreeable mode?)

she came from me.

bet you didn’t know that.

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