i know her

She was an ogre a fortnight ago, i saw her, i saw her fangs, several other people saw it — the hydra — those who saw it probably thought she could eat babies, or small  kittens, or small mice.

I asked her “Whaaat are you doing?”

(yeah, sometimes, i get to ask her.)

And she said “what do  think is worth fighting for? Ask yourself.”

Of course, ordinarily, I would have replied, “That’s why i’m asking you,  i’m yourself, remember?” Ngek. But nah, that didn’t come out, both of us were in a foul mood.  When she’s upset, i’m also upset, i wish i could really halve this person so one side just does the hard work after going ballistic while i play; but it doesn’t work like that, we’re not really halves.

And as you can see, we don’t argue with each other circularly,  like people do,  or in an escalating way like people who are quarrelling do.

We answer each others’ questions in rhetorical questions.  (because we have the same verbal structure  — because we’re in the same head, silly.)

I know her.

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