an amateur original production by gravityxunknown


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If you hadn’t visited her blog before you opened this, here’s what she wrote (looking  at the videos and choosing: that was my work; she just wrote some sort of justification; or excuse! haha):


An original amateur production by gravityxunknown . The only time i grab a video from YouTube is when it looks like an original production posted by, apparently, the videographer himself/ herself on YouTube, or posted under his/her instruction (and i make sure i attribute it to the author/ producer). Original production means the person himself/herself took the photo or shot the film, and posted it in YouTube (or asked  someone to post it for him/her).  That way, when you’re using someone’s original production, you more or less know he/she didn’t steal it but made it and posted it to share it with the world. Used here for non-commercial and personal purposes.

      Shaky camera, a lot of ambient noise, not good audio (but strong voice from the musician). There are about 40 amateur videos of this, shot from different angles by fans; this videographer had the best angle although he/she was being jostled and blocked: the musician has the habit of tilting his head on this side of his face when he hits the big notes; none of the videographers captured it except this one (that side when the subject tilts his head). When there’s a lot of jostling and you’re not the talent manager, you control nothing. Standing at the right spot (being at the right place at the right time) when you don’t control anything, is sometimes the only thing that matters. Shaky nga lang!

      (sorry for this, i’m resting. It’s a lot of gibberish. Let me qualify what i wrote: a lot of gibberish.)


She just doesn’t want to use her left side of the brain for now (or whatever side it is) , so this is what she posted hahaha.

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