I’m her lateral thinking

(July 26, 2008 entry) Somebody unintentionally woke her up with a jolt, so she staggered out with bongo drums in her head (my way of saying “with a splitting headache”), her first literal headache this year, and she knows  why, (we need to finish our sleep cycle!) but she  drove  on,  didn’t take  anything  because  she disdains medicine (her refusal to ingest any chemical is almost like religion; when we were children, we had a family doctor who gave the best medical advice: avoid taking any medicine for pain if you can  or any ailment that can be cured by rest; anyway, like any successful Filipino doctor he soon migrated to the States after that.) i agree with her, we agree on many things, my name is Chattel, i’m  Marichu’s lateral thinking; see how i’m digressing? when you read her blog  at www.marichulambino.wordpress.com and when she writes stream-of-consciousness, you see those long, out-of-nowhere-  parenthetical statements? that’s me. She doesn’t edit me out; normally in a newspaper or any article, she would slash me out and just click “select” then “delete”.   i’m her long parenthetical non-punctuated off-topic statements, her digressions, her left field/ right side, like this out-of-focus photograph where the background is clearer than the subject, ngek, her what-is-she-talking-about; textbooks say i’m on her right side of the brain; i don’t think so. You’ll never see me even if you open her up (well, if you do, we’d be dead so you’ll never know), sometimes you really see me, but you think it’s her; when you like her, that’s me hahahahaha; she can be hideous (but she wins cases and got the awards, that’s her not me, i think; but just between us: i think it was me, there, onstage, who accepted those and gave the thank-you speeches not her ha-ha (because she and i felt she didn’t deserve any of those) ask na lang those who heard — we’re sometimes in the same paragraph ).

So, she wrote those paragraphs on the SONA  later in the day, July 25 post, “i don’t care if you were pole-dancing all night…as long as you did it with a little integrity” (from “The Devil Wears Prada”): The President’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) 2008 still with throbbing in her head, you couldn’t tell, could you? (except for the fact that it ended quite abruptly, like she pushed away the computer.) It’s gone now, and i’ve taken over and writing this.

The slideshows with the music in her blog, i made most of those; but of course they’re under her name. I don’t have a juridical personality; if you don’t know what that is, ask her! She likes to talk about jurisdiction and juridical entities, all galactically boring to me when she’s not looking. She saw on BBC World News  how BBC contracted an artist to try to reproduce Michelangelo’s lost “Sleeping Cupid”, so she wanted to post the image. Eh, lost nga eh.  There was no image of it, that’s why BBC was trying to guess how it might have looked like.  There’s a painting by Caravaggio but there’s no literature that that was painted copying  Michelangelo’s “Sleeping Cupid”. So….she settled for a music slideshow all works by Michelangelo. music & lyrics: Mariah Carey , and i took over.

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