by marichu c. lambino

in the twinkle of an eye, in the  stampede of a  heartbeat

in the rush of air that crash  like waters that  press on  and  surge

who says it is not violent

who says it is peaceful

toxins,  sins, noise and excesses, leave this wasteland

dark blood that spurt three days in advance

in a breath that’ s strong ,  in the rhythm  of the lifeforce

in  the roar of the ocean that’s  shattering the shores

who says there is temperance

who says the riddle will unfold

(patience is a deity)



 chattel’s confession (not of herself, haha)

       this is marichu’s attempt at a few lines, she didn’t finish it because she can’t really write poetry.  But it’s in her blog. It’s about her non-beliefs. If you accost her on the corridor right now and asked her what she believes in, she will readily answer you, and it will be just three words or five.


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