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This was posted and written by marichu, she’s lurking in my dormant blog! Here it is:

“Can’t remember who took the photo but i know when. saw this in google, so i guess it’s public, it was right before a book launch i was outside preparing by reading the biodata  of the speakers and synopsis of the book and the program, because  i was emceeing; anyway, so  someone  asked to take a picture, it’s always a good thing when someone wants to take your picture while you’re in a public place performing a public activity but i will never get used to it. Because i was busy,  i didn’t like my mood when this was taken  but i like the colors of this photo because the backdrop, a mural painting, was in the same color category as my jacket. i have nothing to post here. chattel doesn’t live here anymore.

“Why are you visiting this blog anyway? I’ve deleted many of the entries here. Why are you still looking?”


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