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  1. Service is the Game
    By: Student#16
    (Unedited by blog administrator)

    There are two important elements in any form of media, space and time.

    We know how the world stopped during Manny Pacquiao and Eric Morales face off round in Las Vegas. There were few vehicles in the street, which showed how we prioritized the final encounter of the two prominent boxing personas. The flow of transportation was smooth at that time, almost no people around.

    Pacquiao’s victory last Nov. 19 is another milestone for the Filipinos that is why for almost a week, Pakman is the star in the print and broadcast media.

    I watched TV Patrol (ABS CBN) the 6:30 pm telecast last Friday, Nov. 24, and being aware of Pacquiao’s arrival from Las Vegas, I was also expecting that this would be the highlight of the news but not exactly the only subject of the whole segment.

    As a part of KBP code of ethics (Part E), we value the airing of this event to support nationalism and development. In fact, (Part E #3) states that program shall continually strive to use predominantly Filipino creative resources, talents and program content.

    The coverage of Manny Pacquiao’s arrival which consumed almost three-fourth of the TV patrol segment seemed to overlook other important news that concern the public. From the beginning and even at the middle part are interruptions on some news to give way to the coverage of Pacquiao’s welcome party.

    What does it look like? Those other news became commercial/advertisement to Pacquiao’s story. It would be a lot better if they say “ TV Patrol Special Welcome People’s Champ”, at least the televiewers would know that most of what they can get on that particular time were all about Pacquiao. Well, even SAKSI (GMA7) did almost the same thing.

    Both TV Patrol and SAKSI are TV news programs and according to KBP TV Code of Ethics (3.3 of News Reporting), “Editors and deskmen should be diligent in their supervision/evaluation of content, format and presentation of news. “ It appeared that they sensationalized Pacquiao’s life being the hero of the mass. I thought after giving much time, that would be the end of the coverage but then, on Nov. 29, TV Patrol covered Pacquiao giving shoes to his farm workers.

    The competition in broadcast media is really tight but sacrificing the content and format of the news should not be the case. Journalists’ role is to serve the public and it is not only for entertainment’s sake. They work not only for public interests but also for public needs, the needs that are vital to elevate the quality of living.

    If marketability is our first priority, no doubt why even the quality of print media suffer. How pathetic the Philippine Press is having no sufficient fund but isn’t it more pathetic to see a tabloid which is the only affordable print media, to have a big cigarette advertisement in the news page? The news article turned to be the advertisement’s border design. Look at (page 5 of People’s Journal Vol. XXVIII No. 328, Wed, Nov. 29, 06 or better yet visit its website, ) and you’ll understand what I’m referring to. It’s not a matter of being a broadsheet or a tabloid, but the fact that it carries the title of print media is a significant thing to consider.

    It is important to earn for publication’s expenses because different forms of media need profit to keep on functioning. That’s the reason why there’s space for advertisement or even time allotted for entertainment news in broadcast media. Taking advantage and being dependent for financial gain can lead to conflict of interest which can affect the worth of the media’s content (Part II of the Expanded Code of Ethics).

    It’s hard to play with various forms of media being both profit-source and tool for information but we must bear in mind that service is the reason behind media formation. The quality of service determines what kind of media organization we belong; enough to be the basis of judgment if we deserve the trust of the people.


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