Writing everyday

       Blogging everyday takes up a lot of time even if you go straight to it and just type whatever comes to mind; one hour to two hours on the net a day  is a lot of time, only because there are other things waiting  to be done, people waiting outside.       

        The readers of the blogs are, mostly, people who know what’s going on around us; either they belong to this or that civic organization or they’re employed and their work requires them to be abreast of what’s happening, or they simply have a keen interest on what’s going on.    

           So, what’s the point of writing when  the people who read the blogs are already, well, the advanced layer of society? They just read the blogs and some scavenge ideas that they could use for their reports. To advance their careers. So what is the point of writing in the blogs? Doing the work for free while others take the bow or collect.  A commentator once advised a blogger who had been plagiarized that if you have something valuable, do not post in the net or blogs, just write whatever comes to mind. But even that, your roughest, are scavenged by others. I’m just spent. No entry today, boys and girls.

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