For one moment yesterday, WordPress stopped opening, then a window popped out and asked me to click a box, which directed me to a site, where I was asked to type my blog name in a box, my email address in a box, and my query in another box, and I typed “I can’t blog, duh! Why aren’t you opening?” And then it replied that it was receiving the query in bits and to wait because it would get back to me; I didn’t wait, and opened the program again, and it did, it opened. I guess it was the server’s program’s way of checking or making sure that the blogger was not a robot or a computer program by finding out if it can answer and type complete sentences or do a little problem-solving. But robots and computer programs can do that, answer questions and type what I typed (“I can’t blog, duh! Why aren’t you opening?”). And the site that received the typed sentence was just a computer program. I guess it was the ‘duh’ (?), it signified an emotion (?), so the program decided I wasn’t a computer program. A month ago a link appeared in the dashboard, and it’s still there, suggesting that I should post an avatar or a photo to symbolize my identity, and I ignored it; so maybe it thought I wasn’t a real person. Or maybe because I still refuse to write anything in the “About” (about the author), it thinks I’m not a real person.

Trust a computer program not to recognize a real person (well, in this case, it did in the end when I answered its questions).

I’m real! My eyebrows grow out everyday! Well, I guess you can design a robot with hair follicles that grow out everyday. If a computer program can teach languages and play chess (you know, AI, artificial intelligence), I guess you can design robots that can teach chemistry or political science, adjudicate cases, replace professors, doctors, architects, reporters (well, I don’t know if they can replace reporters. Why not. Different kinds of programs that can see and make observations, just choose the computer program that you want to get your news from), or news presenters, dancers, composers, nannies, carpenters. Or you can even have computer programs or robots that can reproduce themselves or create other programs.

But can they question what the hell they are doing what they are doing. Or ask why they can’t do things other than what they are doing. I guess you can have a program that does that too.

But can it dislike what it’s doing and want to do something else on any day without pattern.

I don’t want to post an avatar like it suggested because I don’t have time or maybe because I don’t like to or maybe because I haven’t made up my mind about these blogs and never sat down to decide finally; it’s no one’s business; as long as I’m not committing a crime, like libeling anyone. [for your information; that is, the program’s; (I’m talking to a robot now), I don’t return some calls I get and that makes me as real as anyone who does.]

Of course, in the end I followed its program by answering its questions, but that was for an end, and I took it because it was advantageous to me.

I guess what I’m trying to say in this long, senseless, unstructured, disorganized, out-of-focus, distracted, stream is: the programs and robots are still dummies; right now they are; but I would be happy and not sad if they took over my jobs because, well, maybe, I could sit back and have the job of evaluating them or maybe do something else. If you had the choice, would you be doing what you’re doing now? Yes! Of course. But maybe because you haven’t been replaced by robots, you don’t know yet what you don’t know.

Children are reading a lot less nowadays than our generation, they’re glued hours and hours and days and days and nights to multi-media computer games; they do their homework but in their spare time, which is a lot more, they’re glued to the computer games; I try not to worry and think, or hope that, even if it has a price, it’s worth it, I hope; that if their thought processes now run more in images and motions and speed, rather than words, they see reality differently and can imagine computer programs different from the ones we’re using. Or better.

(I know it has other psychological or sociological effects but the study there I guess is not complete because they’re still children. We don’t know for a fact what the effects are).

Computer programs will take over our jobs so we can have more choices and discover ourselves more; at least that’s how it’s supposed to work in the future (well, of course, to equalize chances and choices across the populace, your economic structures should allow for it). I’m rambling.

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