If a person doesn’t give you their number even after you’ve asked for it several times, that person doesn’t want you to be able to get in touch with them anytime you please. It means you are not in that person’s list of people who can call them. There’s a list for that and not the whole world is in that list. It means that: you cannot ask other people where that person lives then go to their house in the morning and presume they’re there and ask to see them, and then if the person is not there, to ask other people for contact numbers and say the reason you are at the doorstep without notice is that you don’t have those contact numbers. If all that that person gave you is their office number, it means that that’s the only way that you are allowed to get in touch with that person and you cannot ask other people where that person is and what time they would get home.  Even if you think that that person is seen in public several times, it doesn’t mean that anytime of the day any convenient way you please, it is alright to see them. There is something proprietary about barging into other people’s houses, even if you are not allowed in. It is  disruptive. There ought to be a law against it. Now i know why people have attack dogs and it is a good idea. Even if you say it’s business, and it’s for their own good. You have no right to presume what’s good for other people. There is a reason why you do not have the contact numbers of that person except for the office number. It isn’t random. It isn’t without reason. It means: you have no right. (sorry for this rant.) 

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