The “How”

     The downloading takes a long time, I went to a virtual library, then went to their Forms, then went to Business Contracts then went to Intellectual Property then went to Licensing Agreements, the downloading takes a long time you can actually do some other work while it’s getting into your computer, I’m writing a contract but it’s no one’s business how I do it  we will deliver the airtightest contract but it’s no one’s business how we came up with it. Lawyers don’t really detail to their clients their research methods or legal methods or how they were able to come up with a crisp, sharp, brilliant contract; business clients are not interested in the “how” , they just want results.

     Okay, i’ll tell you how we do that work. I admit. I’m not smart, not brilliant, not dazzling.  I have to look  at hundreds and hundreds of forms until my eyes hurt not to copy them but to make sure my work was good; legal forms are copyrighted, you’re not supposed to copy them and fill in the blanks but most lawyers  here in the Philippines just copy them and get away with it. Big law offices already have in their file all kinds of sample contracts but I’m not sure those are original but if you’re lazy you can just ask a friend to show you a sample.  We tell people only the number of hours spent on the work and the general category of the research. i write my own contracts but don’t detail the legal methods. So that they would think I’m brilliant after reading it because they don’t really know the contortions I had to make  to create the work and how difficult it was for me to write it because i had to identify the issues then think of all possible violations to plug those then look at hundreds and hundreds of forms,  and now I even have a blog entry while downloading.  Anyway. So that’s how some of us do that work.

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